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Fluorescent Red, Bright Orange, and Natural Quick Cure are available in 2.5 pound packages for $9.99 each (four package minimum).  Each package will cure approximately 12 pounds of eggs. The colors may be mixed to produce your own custom bait color. 




2.5 lb. Quick Cure


We also offer a 25 pound bulk package for $89.99.  This is for personal use only and not to be repackaged or resold.

25 lb. bulk Quick Cure


New Tide Water Red Quick Cure contains the same ingredients as our other colors of Quick Cure, but it has double the amount of fluorescent red color.  Each 2 � pound package will cure about 12 pounds of eggs, and is $10.99.  A 25 pound bulk package is available for $99.99.  
Tide Water Red 25 lb bulk



Tide Water Red 2.5 lb package
Four package minimum is required with the 2.5lb. packages, but four packages of different colors is perfectly acceptable.



All orders are shipped UPS or USPS Standard Mail within the continental U.S.
Orders outside the continental U.S. must call to order 541-826-4066

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